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We offer coxed diving trips aboard our powerful offshore RIBS all of which have a full MCA offshore licence which allows us to get to the offshore dive sites of the Smalls and Grassholm, Hats & Barrels.

With over 25 years of diving experience no one has more diving knowledge of Pembrokeshire than us, we leave others paddling around the harbors while we get offshore to the real dive sites and improved visibility.

Last year our 1917 club located more than four new wrecks which had never before been dived on and many of our sites are known only to us.

We have over 500 wreck sites in our DGPS data base, built up from 25 years of wreck detection and some of our sites are still unknown and not yet on our leisure dive list. We dived U21 for the first time last year.

If wrecks are not your interest we also have a wide range of scenic diving with the Skomer Marine Reserve at the centre of our range. Steve Lewis the principal of Pembrokeshire Dive Charters has been a professional diver since 1972 when he worked as a commercial and sports diving instructor at Fort Bovisand Plymouth. He was Welsh National Diving Officer for 4 years and has a detailed knowledge of the diving around Pembrokeshire based on 30 years of diving.

We operate from one of two centres either Neyland Marina or Dale, both have pontoon access and we provide trolleys for all that heavy kit, once loaded you can leave your kit onboard for the duration of the trip. We like to take two cylinders with us and a packed lunch as most of the best dive sites are many miles away, we can then stay out all day. We are not a shuttle service and there is no waiting around on beaches for your ‘ turn’ on the boat, we just go diving! We always arrange a toilet stop during the day so that you are not wondering how you will last all day in that dry suit!

We often split the diving so that some can have a deep dive and others can go shallow, because we are out for the day we have the time to cater for peoples needs. At the end of the day you just leave your cylinders at the side of the quay and we fill them for you and bring them back for the next days diving - no more queuing or being late for dives because you were waiting for air.

Last year we had some memorable dives and this reef which is 12 miles offshore

and only shows itself at low water has only been seen by a few people and dived by even less. The ships wrecked on every side of it must have thought they were in open sea when they hit, the cannon we found on the one ship shows this reef has been claiming victims for many hundreds of years.

Just for the record and before any one else claims to have ‘found’ these wrecks, here are some of the better finds of 99 and we look forward to revisiting them with the clubs that found them next year. Not all are ‘virgin’, we are aware some have been dived by others but we can tell which are the ‘new ones’ .

1999 Wrecks : Albany (after Giles), Aldenrney Queen, Balholm, Boston City (wow ), Boy Toby (dark), Captain Cook (starfish ! ), Drumburlie (Smalls), Earl of Aberdeen (old), Ellerbeck (tide !!), Evangel (broken up ), HMS EVELINE (still intact), Great Duke (after Cartlett), Helvetia (Smalls), Jadestar Gypsy (not a lot), King of the Forest (nice), Lord Derby (wow), Luminence (best dive 99), Mar Del Plata ( put that bell down), Rasona (if they only knew), Renfrew, Revenger (Smalls Tug), Thunder, Varazze (Smalls), Westfield (intact).

There are some new targets on the list for next year and those waiting to come back to dive the ones they found last year we will keep the positions secret for you. (5years as agreed).


We can arrange accommodation for you to suit your groups requirements, from bunk house to Hotel, we find it best to discuss individual needs with groups. We have self catering accommodation available in Little Haven.


We want you to have a nice time so we like to discuss the weather a few days before your trip. If it’s looking bad we will tell you and discuss the options, we do not want you traveling miles for nothing.

If we cancel due to weather then a full refund is on offer or an alternative date. Should you cancel when we say it’s OK then that's down to you. If you take a chance and come down anyway then we will make no charge for the boat if no trip goes out.


£35 per diver per day, full days diving minimum of two dives.

Full boat charter (up to 10 divers) £350 per day exclusive use of boat.

Air £3 per fill collected and delivered.

Packed lunches £4.50



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