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Radar is an excellent aid to navigation and safety. However, the interpretation of the radar picture isn't necessarily straight forward and demands knowledge and practice. "Col Regs" state (Rule 7b) proper use shall be made of radar equipment if fitted and operational, including long range scanning to obtain early warning of risk of collision and radar plotting or equivalent systematic observation of detected objects.

The RYA's new radar course is designed to equip the yachtsman with sufficient knowledge so that with practice he can fulfill the requirements of Col.Regs. when using his radar in conditions of reduced visibility and also use it as an aid to navigation.

This one day course covers the following topics :

·Basic understanding of radar wave propagation

·Radar set components

·Target definition and discrimination

·Radar reflectors

·Types of radar display

·Radar plotting

·Use of radar as an aid to navigation

·Accuracy in range and bearing

·General safety precautions in using equipment

Instruction will use on board radar or computer simulation as appropriate.

Course Fee £65

Days 1.

Classroom and practical.

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